Frequently Asked Questions

So I've scraped publicly available data online. Every website is already being crawled by Search Engines, SimilarWeb, SpyFu, Trustpilot, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google Trends. And most of these company share their information freely. I've aggregated all that data in one place for you to get an efficient overview of any company.

Sorry! It's not perfect. ReviewBolt analyzes your website's metadata and technologies used. Most of the statistics and content comes from content online. If those companies don't have anything on you then neither will I.

Honestly, I had to analyze several companies at work and got tired of switching between tools... So I built this to speed up my tasks. And then I found quite fun to build it out. I like the idea of programmatically creating a review for every website on the planet. The more information available for people the better.

Bannerbear is a big inspiration. Really love Jon's journey. For stuff more related, I'm very impressed with Owler, SimilarWeb, TrustPilot, GetLatka, 411Leads, MVF, Capterra, SpyFu, SemRush, ScrapingBee, Vercel, TailwindCSS. Those are some incredible companies that have built great businesses for the world. I'm standing on their shoulders and this website would not be here without them.

It's built using TailwindCSS on the FrontEnd styling. NextJS and React as the framework. And FaunaDB + Google Sheets as my database. A little bit of Material UI sprinkled in as well (they have nice accordions).

So one my favourite things is going down a rabbit hole of competitors. Go to the competitor section of the review and click on any of them to see their profile. Also you can directly get a review of any website by typing[insert] And that's a very shortcuty way of getting the data.Also in the review each component is an accordion that you can minimize. Which is helpful for comparing different segments.

The chrome extension is a quick way to get a review of any site. You just click the lightning icon in your browser extension and then boom! A full analysis done for you.

I don't... But maybe in the future I'll have a monetization route.

Tell 1 friend about ReviewBolt 😇 Any suggestions send them my way as well.

My first web app was (transcribes any YouTube video). It was not such a big hit but I loved the idea of user generated content creating a website. I think the best companies are done from that way (think stackoverflow, reddit, indiehackers) and I wanted to build a review version. Hopefully after a couple months this site will be big and help thousands of people around the world get proper reviews of any website.

Based in London, UK

It's still in development, you can maybe still get early bird life-time pricing now... But basically it a better version of BuiltWith + SEMRUSH. If you do sales or marketing you won't want to not have this.

You can go to the contact form and send me a message. You can also tweet at @reviewbolt on twitter