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The art of living offers stress-elimination tools like the sudarshan kriya, yoga, meditation & social initiatives to foster universal well-being & global progress.

How is Artofliving getting 16M yearly visitors and annually spends $14k on Google ads?

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What do we know about The Art of Living?

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Bengaluru, India


The Art of Living: The Art of Living offers stress-elimination tools like the Sudarshan Kriya, yoga, meditation & social initiatives to foster universal well-being & global progress.

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Alexa Ranking: 44827

What is The Art of Living's Revenue?

The Art of Living's estimated revenue for 2020 is $10M.

What does The Art of Living do?

The Art of Living is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization founded in 1981 by the world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual teacher Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. All of The Art of Living's programs are guided by Sri Sri's philosophy: "Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world peace." Operating in 155 countries, The Art of Living community is diverse and attracts people from all walks of life. The Art of Living offers numerous highly effective educational and self-development programs and tools that facilitate the elimination of stress and foster deep and profound inner peace, happiness, and well-being for all individuals. These programs, which include breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, and practical wisdom for daily living, have helped millions around the world to transform their lives completely. The Art of Living works with its sister organization, the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). It has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and has successfully implemented numerous humanitarian projects and service initiatives including: • Conflict resolution programs • Disaster relief • Sustainable rural development • Empowerment of women • Prisoner rehabilitation • Education for all • Environmental sustainability

What are the monthly traffic metrics for Artofliving?

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How fast is Artofliving growing?

Artofliving has grown by 19.5% in the last 6 months according to SimilarWeb.

How do people interact with Artofliving?

Last month, Artofliving received 1M visitors who spent an average of 1.6 minutes on the website and visited 2.0 different pages per session. Overall, 73% of people bounce on the first visit.

How do people find Artofliving?

375.1k people (29%) visit Artofliving directly. 787k (61%) people search for them in Google. Whereas, 48k (4%) discover Artofliving through Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. 41.1k (3%) visitors come from Artofliving's email newsletters. Finally, 3.1k (0.2%) people come from affiliates and or paid referrals.

Who uses Artofliving?

Artofliving's top market is the India and they receive 492.7k (38.1%) people.
Then the 2nd is United States with 355k (27.4%).
The 3rd is is Canada with 47.9k (3.7%).

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32,334 /10,000,000



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How do people find - 51.5% - 3.56% - 2.7% - 1.84% - 1.51%

What countries use

IN - 67.3

US - 17.4

PK - 1.7

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What are Artofliving's monthly US traffic stats for Google paid and organic traffic?

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How much organic traffic does Artofliving get from google search?

Artofliving gets 413k in organic visits which has changed by 28.8% in the last year.

How much traffic does Artofliving get from paid Google ads?

Artofliving gets 979 visitors in paid traffic from Google which has changed by -33.4% in the last year.

How much does Artofliving spend on Google Ads?

Last month they spent $1k on Google search ads and annually we estimate Artofliving spends $14k.

What keywords does Artofliving rank for?

Artofliving ranks organically for 288 keywords, including art of living, art of livinh, yoga and more.

What technologies does Artofliving use?

What technologies does Artofliving use for its website?

Artofliving uses Amazon Cloudfront, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, Nginx, OWL Carousel,, Underscore.js, Varnish, jQuery, Amazon Web Services, PHP and more in their tech stack.

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What do Artofliving's customers say about them?

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Arvind Goel

Your search ends here

Reviewed on 2021-01-09T17:31:21

Your search ends here, all that you have been doing all your life, all the struggles you went through, all the solutions you are looking for is right here, right now. the art of living foundation has transformed my life forever for the best, never would this have been possible for me to see myself who am today without the wisdom and sudarshan kriya or the SKY breathwork techniques that are offered on the online Meditation and breath workshop or also called as the Happiness program globally, designed by HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR JI - A GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AND PEACE AMBASSADOR helps in releasing all the stresses that we have accumulated in our mind and body. The other best part about the aolf is the service initiatives it takes up globally, simply wow...i had tears rolling my cheeks when i saw the kind of impact it was making in people lives, you can watch love moves the world videos on youtube or also on the official website of I would say if this could make me happy, mindful, sensitive, gentle, tough, calm, peaceful, warrior and all that i ever thought of, it will for you as well. give it shot.

Who are Artofliving's competitors?

Who are Artofliving's competitors?

Artofliving's competitors include,,,,,,,,, and more.

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