Bokun Review (2021)

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How is Bokun getting 1M yearly visitors?

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What are the monthly traffic metrics for Bokun?

Traffic Growth


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Pages per Visit


Bounce Rate


How fast is Bokun growing?

Bokun has grown by -58.3% in the last 6 months according to SimilarWeb.

How do people interact with Bokun?

Last month, Bokun received 110k visitors who spent an average of 6.7 minutes on the website and visited 8.0 different pages per session. Overall, 36% of people bounce on the first visit.

How do people find Bokun?

88.4k people (81%) visit Bokun directly. 9.5k (9%) people search for them in Google. Whereas, 1k (1%) discover Bokun through Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. 4.9k (5%) visitors come from Bokun's email newsletters. Finally, 0 (0.0%) people come from affiliates and or paid referrals.

Who uses Bokun?

Bokun's top market is the United Kingdom and they receive 14.6k (13.3%) people. Then the 2nd is United States with 12.9k (11.8%), the 3rd is Finland with 10k (9.1%), the 4th is India with 9.2k (8.4%). Finally, the 5th is Hungary with 6k (5.5%) visitors.

Traffic Growth (last 6 months)

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What are Bokun's monthly US traffic stats for Google paid and organic traffic?

Organic Clicks



Google Ad Spend


Keywords Ranked


How much organic traffic does Bokun get from google search?

Bokun gets 341 in organic visits which has changed by -54.9% in the last year.

What keywords does Bokun rank for?

Bokun ranks organically for 57 keywords, including tours from southampton, travel from london to southampton, gatwick airport to southampton cruise terminal and more.

What technologies does Bokun use?

What technologies does Bokun use for its website?

Bokun uses Nginx and more in their tech stack.


What are Bokun's top ads on Google?

Southampton Cruise Transfers | From Heathrow and London

Reliable Shuttle Cruise Ship Transfers Services Available To Book Online to day from $88. In Sedan, Minivan, 8 Seater van with lots of space for cruise luggage. Heathrow Airport. Book Online. Airport

London Cruise Service | London to Southampton

Reliable Cruise Ship Transfers Services Available To Book Online to day from $88. Lots of space for cruise luggage, Door-to-Door Service in Sedan, Minivan, 8 seater Vans. Southampton cruise Port. Heat

Southampton to Heathrow | From Heathrow and London

Reliable Shuttle Cruise Ship Transfers Services Available To Book Online to day from $88. Door-to-Door Service in Sedan, Minivan, 8 Seater Van Lots of space for cruise luggage. Airport Transfers. Sout

Southampton Cruise Transfers - From Heathrow and London

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What are the Facebook ads of Bokun?

How much does Bokun spend on Facebook ads?

We estimate Bokun spends $824.2 per month and $9.9k annually on Facebook ads.

What age group does Bokun target?

Bokun is currently targetting ages 39, 59, 60, 65, 66 and more.

When was the most recent ad campaign by Bokun

Bokun ran a facebook campaign on Jan 8th 2018

What type of creative does Bokun use for their faceboom campaigns?

Video and Image Creatives.


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Ireland 60 y/o - Male

What do Bokun's customers say about them?

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Simon Wells

Looked at using they want money

Reviewed on 2020-12-15T10:24:40

Looked at using Bokum a year ago, decided not to use. However, they have now started sending us invoices for £49 per month they chose,without our consent, to set up a pro account. Have sent a number of emails and phone calls asking them to delete the account and withdraw invoices only to get new ones a week later. I guess if you do this to a large enough sample some people will pay!
read more

山中 知義


Reviewed on 2020-12-09T02:42:51

Sneaky! I have been stuck with Bokun chat worker last one hour! They chat but in middle of it suddenly walk away.I'm simply trying to remove my account from it but the webpage itself has no way for customers to do it. You have to go through it with a chat worker but takes hours to do it. I'm leaving because of the sudden contract and price change they recently have enforced. Free subscribers are suddenly promoted to PRO service and billed from Nov. 2020, $49.00 per a month. This was done completely without seeking agreement from subscribers. I made my complaints to them just as everyone else but they are not backing down. They want to give me discounts! I wonder why this is not considered illegal.
read more


Sneakily introduced monthly costs

Reviewed on 2020-12-03T09:33:15

Bokun sneakily introduced paid pro accounts and set existing accounts to pro, while still maintaining free accounts.This is not how you introduce paid tiers in any online service. This is not how you treat customers that use your "tourist package booking system" in a time when tourism is dead due to COVID19. Sneaky, immoral, reprehensible.
read more


Hocus Pocus Bogus Scummy Scamsterism

Reviewed on 2020-11-18T17:37:15

Forget booking a trip anywhere on Planet Earth through these guys ... they are simply on anotherplanet. They wanted to sign me up to a service without my consent and then charge me 49 USD per month. What exactly is Tripadvisor doing buying this shower of an outfit? Such jiggery pokery, such hocus-pocus, such scummy scams, from bogus Bokun. Sling your hook scamsters. Or else I'll be seeing you in court, and you will be paying all my costs.
read more


Complete scam

Reviewed on 2020-11-18T08:45:12

Complete scam! They automatically move you to pro subscription and try to charge you for nothing.I haven't even used their services. This is criminal. Don't give your credit card number to this company!
read more

João Correia

they move me to a strange pro plan…

Reviewed on 2020-11-06T14:05:09

they move me to a strange pro plan without my coinsent. shame

Honza Sakař

Charging users without their consent is downright theft

Reviewed on 2020-11-05T14:05:45

I found the whole system rather confusing and super slow to propagate even the smallest changes.I could still live with that somehow, but the recent turn of events with Bokun switching my account to a PRO plan and charging my credit card $49 per month without any kind of heads-up and WITHOUT MY AUTHORISATION put me off completely. What kind of business strategy is that???
read more


Total scam-try to rob you

Reviewed on 2020-11-04T20:53:45

Total scam. I've never used it or even signed up for it. Now suddenly I get a invoice for a service I've never asked for.49 us dollar, each month? Haha what a joke. Try to scam somebody else. I've never agreed on anything. What a policy. Try to scam business owners. Good luck, you'll need it. Hope nobody will pay a dime. Here in Europe, we're protected against these kinds op practices anyway...
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Who are Bokun's competitors?

Who are Bokun's competitors?

Bokun's competitors include,,,,,,,,, and more.

What are Bokun's most popular pages?

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What backlinks does Bokun have?

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