Hey, I'm Ced

I'm the founder, engineer, designer and customer support of ReviewBolt 👋

I'm Canadian born & but now live in London, UK

I had to analyse and review countless companies and it was a never-ending task of tab switching...

I created ReviewBolt to save time.

It automates your never-ending company research tasks!

I work on ReviewBolt as an IndieHacker and it's just me for now with help from the community — I write the code, do the design and answer the customer support emails!


Reach out on Twitter

Or send me a message via the contact page
Check out the FAQ page if you're still curious!

This was made to get a decent reviews of websites quickly!

(Hence review bolt because it's fast!)

  • Coded in London, UK

  • Started Dec 2020

  • Over 10,000 websites reviewed so far!