Ah Review (July 2021)

Ontdek het ruime assortiment en de bonusaanbiedingen van albert heijn! ✓boodschappen thuisbezorgd ✓versgarantie ✓heerlijke recepten. bestel nu.

How is Ah getting 201M yearly visitors?

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What do we know about Albert Heijn?

Estimated Revenue (2020)


Total Employees







Zaandam, Netherlands


Albert Heijn: Ontdek het ruime assortiment en de Bonusaanbiedingen van Albert Heijn! ✓Boodschappen thuisbezorgd ✓Versgarantie ✓Heerlijke recepten. Bestel nu.

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Alexa Ranking: 44575

What is Albert Heijn's Revenue?

Albert Heijn's estimated revenue for 2020 is $10.4M.

What does Albert Heijn do?

Impact op het dagelijks leven van Nederland. Al 130 jaar is Albert Heijn de supermarkt van en voor ons allemaal. Als oudste supermarktketen van Nederland vullen we dagelijks zo'n vijf miljoen bordjes; dat is de impact van Albert Heijn op Nederland. Met meer dan 100.000 werknemers zorgen we ervoor dat onze klanten iedere dag de beste en gezondste producten in onze winkelschappen vinden en uitstekende services geleverd krijgt. Zo bieden wij alle ingrediënten voor een beter leven voor iedereen. Hierin speelt technologie steeds een belangrijkere rol. Daarom ontwikkelen we continu digitale en datagedreven oplossingen die aansluiten bij de wensen en het constant veranderende leven van onze klanten. Zo maken we ‘beter eten' voor iedereen bereikbaar en (online) boodschappen doen nog makkelijker. Vernieuwen met impact. What's Next? Jij zorgt ervoor dat we als retailer vooroplopen in vernieuwing. Jij hebt verstand van zaken en durft jezelf en jouw collega's uit te dagen. Op die manier lopen wij met jouw expertise en passie voorop in jouw vakgebied en met al onze collega's lopen we samen voorop in retail. En door onszelf iedere dag opnieuw weer te willen verbeteren, blijven we ervoor zorgen dat Albert Heijn een plek is waar onze klanten en medewerkers graag komen.

What are the monthly traffic metrics for Ah?

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Bounce Rate


How fast is Ah growing?

Ah has grown by -20.0% in the last 6 months according to SimilarWeb.

How do people interact with Ah?

Last month, Ah received 17M visitors who spent an average of 3.7 minutes on the website and visited 5.0 different pages per session. Overall, 49% of people bounce on the first visit.

How do people find Ah?

8.3M people (50%) visit Ah directly. 7.9M (47%) people search for them in Google. Whereas, 139.4k (1%) discover Ah through Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. 102.1k (1%) visitors come from Ah's email newsletters. Finally, 34.6k (0.2%) people come from affiliates and or paid referrals.

Who uses Ah?

Ah's top market is the Netherlands and they receive 16.1M (96.0%) people.
Then the 2nd is Belgium with 321.8k (1.9%).
The 3rd is is Germany with 47.1k (0.3%).

Traffic Growth (last 6 months)

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What are the web statistics for ah.nl?

Alexa Rank

26,998 /10,000,000

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What are the main keywords for ah.nl?

albert heijn - 8.54%

ah - 4.44%

ah bonus - 2.26%

ah recepten - 1.14%

ah folder - 0.92%

Who are the competitors of ah.nl?





How do people find ah.nl?

google.com - 23.6%

facebook.com - 4.36%

bing.com - 3.64%

yahoo.com - 2.91%

What countries use ah.nl?

NL - 70.9

US - 14.8

Ranking Growth (last 3 months)

What are Ah's monthly US traffic stats for Google paid and organic traffic?

Organic Clicks



Keywords Ranked


How much organic traffic does Ah get from google search?

Ah gets 42k in organic visits which has changed by -83.7% in the last year.

What keywords does Ah rank for?

Ah ranks organically for 0 keywords, including and more.

What technologies does Ah use?

What technologies does Ah use for its website?

Ah uses Google Tag Manager, Bloomreach, React, Ruxit and more in their tech stack.

Google Tag Manager




What do Ah's customers say about them?

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olivia smith

excellent very good

Reviewed on 2021-05-03T17:49:48

excellent very good


terrible support and has the nerve to…

Reviewed on 2021-04-29T11:27:03

terrible support and has the nerve to charge 50 euros for non-perishable goods if they claim that you 'missed' the delivery. The delivery fee is 3-5 euros and you get to resell the items. Watch out for competitors who will do better than you as you lose out on loyal customers who do no longer care for your monopoly-like strategies

teodora voaides

racial profiling continues

Reviewed on 2021-04-19T15:46:42

Stop profiling based on race or ethnic background, it is highly unethical and disturbing. Please give anti-bias training to your young employees, train them to discern based on suspicious behavior panthers rather than appearance (color, size). Train your employees to stop lying recognize they act on their own bias, teach them to apologies when wrong, it is humane to make mistakes, however harmful to your brand and inhumane not to recognize when making one, especially when the mistake is based on personal racial assumptions. This will become a big issue in the future if not addressed


It’s a great supermarket and when you…

Reviewed on 2021-04-13T09:54:40

It’s a great supermarket and when you have a problem they sort it out as soon as possible!

Steven peter Bontekoe

1113 euro 92551166 order number sent…

Reviewed on 2021-04-12T15:21:55

1113 euro 92551166 order number sent bitcoin 261153.lbd vallue 25647,00 dollars had to declare it stolen in January while the system build in let me hear what their up to their working with childmolestors pedophile ghb rapist drugdealers and to top it off criminal insane bitcoin thieves gives super administrator microphone on function to me tell give me my groceries and change


Stop invading privacy and breaking the democratically accepted laws, this is EU not Germany 1941

Reviewed on 2021-02-05T14:08:46

As much as anyone can understand the pressure on the store owners with regards to the recommendations for wearing a face mask, the employees or shift managers are not authorised by any law accepted by democratic process to ask for personal medical information. And on the basis of that only a few of employees at AH Westwijkplein are discriminating people who refuse to disclose their personal medical details in public. More so, their actions are unlawful and outright ridiculous, since the cleaning of the shopping trollies is less than superficial. Many employees do not wear masks correctly (on their chin or under the nose). Not to mention the amount of clients who unknowingly keep touching their face and then articles with their bare hands. In case anyone failed to update themselves on how this virus is effectively transmitting, then I give up. But I do promise that legal prosecution due to discrimination and invasion into private information, unlawful requests and claims, will follow along with the media presence.

Paweł Michalak

It's complete shiet

Reviewed on 2020-12-30T19:31:00

It's complete shiet, I was waiting a whole fricking day to know when exactly my order will be delivered... In the end, after a whole day, its 20:30 and the delivery boy just came and said, he don't have my order and I suppose to pay for delivery and some stickers that company gave me to my alcohol order that did not came to me..........

Sindy Abreu

Supervisor made us feel like thieves

Reviewed on 2020-12-16T21:50:33

The supervisor approached us to tell us that we needed to put our groceries inside our baskets. We always use the code scanner and put our groceries in our bags, we even have a carrier for the bags. We had no idea it was not allowed, we're expats. When she approached us we explained that we did not speak Dutch to which she proceeded to raise her voice at us and tell us in English to put the groceries in the baskets in a very rude way, kind of making an unnecessary scene in the process, which was really embarrassing. After that, we asked for assistance from another employee while paying for the groceries and we noticed that afterwards this same supervisor quickly approached the employee and asked her something while looking directly our way. It made us feel really "watched", as if we were little kids causing trouble in the store or like thieves, as if we were trying to steal something and we needed to be followed and supervised. We do weekly trips to this AH, at least twice a week, we don't think it was necessary to treat us this way. A simple explanation, in a polite way would have been enough.

Who are Ah's competitors?

Who are Ah's competitors?

Ah's competitors include smulweb.nl, libelle-lekker.be, leukerecepten.nl, jumbo.com, 24kitchen.nl and more.


What are Ah's most popular pages?

TitleTrafficKeyword CountTop Keyword
Albert Heijn: boodschappen doen bij de grootste supermarkt
250albert heijn
Allerhande - jouw bron van dagelijkse culinaire inspiratie
Bonus t/m zaterdag | Albert Heijn (3991) aanbiedingen | ah.nl
99albert heijn aanbiedingen
Gourmetten | Populaire Allerhande recepten | Albert Heijn
12gourmetten recepten
Openingstijden Albert Heijn supermarkten in Amsterdam | ah.nl
7albert heijn amsterdam
13wat eten we vandaag