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It happens all the time: a programmer is given an interview problem and an hour to solve it over the phone in a plain text editor or on a whiteboard. They

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What are Coderpad's monthly US traffic stats for Google paid and organic traffic?

Organic Clicks



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How much organic traffic does Coderpad get from google search?

Coderpad gets 2k in organic visits which has changed by -66.7% in the last year.

How much traffic does Coderpad get from paid Google ads?

Coderpad gets 259 visitors in paid traffic from Google which has changed by Infinity% in the last year.

How much does Coderpad spend on Google Ads?

Last month they spent $373 on Google search ads and annually we estimate Coderpad spends $4k.

What keywords does Coderpad rank for?

Coderpad ranks organically for 102 keywords, including coding interview tool, coding sites, codility and more.

What technologies does Coderpad use?

What technologies does Coderpad use for its website?

Coderpad uses Google Tag Manager, Nginx, WordPress, jQuery, jQuery Migrate, PHP, MySQL and more in their tech stack.

Google Tag Manager




jQuery Migrate



What are Coderpad's top ads on Google?

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Who are Coderpad's competitors?

Who are Coderpad's competitors?

Coderpad's competitors include,,,,,,,,, and more.

What are Coderpad's most popular pages?

TitleTrafficKeyword CountTop Keyword
SQL Interview Questions You Should Consider Asking ...
72sql interview questions
Getting Started: Interviewers - CoderPad
5coderpad interview questions
Javascript Interview Questions For Candidates - CoderPad
32javascript interview questions
Example Questions - Documentation - CoderPad
3coderpad examples
4coderpad practice